Friday, May 20, 2016

Stick in the Mud

A great 10-mile spinnaker run from Pt San Quentin to Gallinas Creek ended ignobly stuck in the mud on a dropping tide.

The idea was to find a quiet spot to anchor and soak up the coast views and sunshine North of China Camp. The spin run was against the new outgoing tide, but still averaged over 5 knots boat speed in 10 knots of westerly breeze with gusts to 15.

Note storm sail sunshade, pillow and book

A spot just inside the entrance to Gallinas Creek looked enticing, but I went on the wrong side of the little channel. Little Cat was firmly stuck with no further options except to break out the book, lunch and a beer.

Great view south to China Camp

It was shortly after high tide, so it was a five-hour wait lying under my storm sail sun shade on the front net reading my book, or looking through the net at the mud critters - how I suffered!

Skid marks

In the afternoon the wind picked up until is was averaging 20-25 knots over the deck on my little wind meter, and I had to move into the "cabin" for some respite. Luckily it was really warm so no hardship. The tide floated us off at 6.30 PM and it goes without saying that the strong north westerly that would have blown us home in no time, died entirely, and then veered around to a strong south-westerly (right on the nose heading back).

Note to self: best to explore the China Camp/Gallinas coast on a rising tide.

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