Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Overnight at the Marin Islands

I finally managed to get the whole family (i.e. including the Chief Executive) to do an overnighter on our little boat. The scene was the Marin Islands just offshore from San Rafael.

Little Helper #1 frolicking with Little Cat Too

The Marin Islands are one of my favourite hang-out spots, as the Northern side of the main island is very calm in the strong south-west prevailing winds in The Bay. However, only a Wharram or similar very shallow-draft vessel can enjoy this spot, as it almost dries at low tide. The Marin Islands are a state park and bird sanctuary, and so must be enjoyed only from the water (no landing). Link

Getting ready for dinner

After a good feed we settled down for the night. The weather on The Bay was not good with winds gusting to 30 knots from the SW. In our little corner, however, it was cosy and dead calm.

Well sheltered from the prevailing SW winds.

It was a big tide, so had to get up "early" (8.30AM), to move out 100 yards so as not to get stuck over the low. Made no difference though, as we couldn't be bothered moving until the afternoon when it was time to go home.

Sunset calm looking towards San Rafael

The sun shade makes all of the difference, and is just a polythene tarp thrown over the gaff with the boat hook lashed to it. I might make a "proper" one out of sunbrella when I get around to it.

Slow start for the day for Little Helper #2

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  1. Great share, enjoyed the post. At home she may be the CEO, but on the boat only Admiral will do and never first mate. Found out the hard way, that's reserved for the dog.